Five word story prompts please?!?

So lately just for fun, I've been wanting to write this story using a prompt and I don't like anything online! It would be great if you could give me five random words to create an intriguing story! Along the lines of: Snowstorm, cheerleaders, twister, train, teacup-pig! Thanks in advance! glow, Rube Goldberg, starfish, volcano, […]

what did trenches do?

Made you less of a target for a direct Fire weapon. Mortar and Artillery rounds still fell in trenches and plenty of combat ensued since clearing trenches is a role of Infantry. They were good for giving Trench foot. Trenches beat being in the open where you're a sitting duck as a target… be it […]

Is maternal-fetal attachment a myth?

I recently 'hung out' with a 2 week newborn and I was super surprised at how little it registers its surroundings. When it was hungry the mother laid it on a pillow and the baby started suckling on it (tried) so I figured newborns have no notion of 'mother'. They just learn that 'soft' means… […]